Wire Work

Stack Baskets for sweet and hardware shops, shelf baskets and wire display stands.

Stack Baskets

Wire Stack Baskets are the ideal item to store light and volumetrically large items.
They are very popular within the sweet and hardware shops. They provide very practical method of storage.

Size Variations:
All baskets are approximately 450mm high and 450mm wide / deep.

There are three standard lengths available: -
900mm; 600mm and 300mm

Shelf Basket

The Wire Shelf Basket, also known as the Wine Basket is widely used in the hardware and liquor store industries.

Size Variations:
All basket share a standard length of 914mm.

The width or depth of the baskets vary as follows: -
305mm; 381mm and 457mm

Special Sizes are available on request.

Wire Surround

Wire Surrounds or Wire Fronts provide a front or perimeter wire barrier that prevents product or merchandise from slipping off shelves within a shelving system.
Size Variations:
The Wire Surrounds are made to suit the size of the shelf that is to be fitted.

Wire Display Stand

Wire Display Stands are available as Free-Standing or Wall-Mounted.
These stands are very popular within the Retail Clothing Industries, DYI and Market environments.
Size Variations:
Sizes are usually as per a customers request / specification and is generally only restricted by the size of the raw material.